In 2016, the World Health Organization identified depression as the leading cause of illness in young people, & suicide as the 2nd leading cause of death. Regardless of background or race.

The territory adolescents are navigating is unprecedented.

. Social Media & devises can be more addictive than cocaine

. Polarities are increasingly extreme

. Fabricated Truths & Questionable Agendas proliferate

. Algorithms & the Media tell us we always need more

. Climate Anxiety amongst young people is prevalent across the globe

. Parental neglect - denying children the attention, social interaction, & emotional support they need to thrive - is at all time highs

. Cultures of Non-Personal Communication, Opinionated & False Information, Online Pornography, Social Pressure, Targeted Rejection, Bullying, Objectified Sex, Violence, Drugs, & Heavy Drinking are normalized & sharply on the rise

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With effective solutions slow in coming, young people are ushered into our increasingly loud & corrosive world without a compass.

No amount of rules, laws, or vigilance can ensure what we want most for them. That they're inspired, healthy, & safe. 

Focused on building a foundation of

inner worth, inner knowing, & inner trust,

ALL MANNER OF THINGS helps young people form & establish an indispensable,

always accessible map.

They have the chance to discover who they are, what they want, & how to stay true to that.

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Given all the voices telling us who we are, or should be, on the outside, it has never been more important to know who we are within