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KATRINA RIVERS graduated from Cambridge University in the U.K. with a Bachelor and Master's of Arts, and has been working in various fields of writing and teaching since. She has studied and taught modalities of self awareness and conscious sexuality, and has collaborated with visionaries who include Paul Attanasio, Barry Levinson, and Francis Ford Coppola. In 2000 she founded The Garden Nursery School, a thriving, non-profit, co-op preschool based in Los Angeles. Her personal projects include a handful of screenplays, the novel Stella Sky, and All Manner of Things


Poet, communicator, educator, SEDRICK SPILLERS is committed to self awareness and intention. His studies in literature, poetry, psychology, and philosophy have equipped him with a nuanced understanding of the history of human thought, emotion, and experience. Able to oscillate between the universal and the personal, he makes key principles relevant. It's this faculty to tangibly ground otherwise abstract concepts that makes him so valuable.


NIKI SCHMID mentors deep forgiveness work and furthers pivotal communication skills, helping people find peace and freedom in relationship to others and themselves. Before establishing her practice, she was the SoCal regional community leader, presenter and producer for the Human Awareness Institute, HAI, an organization that has facilitated workshops around Love-Intimacy-Sexuality for over 50 years.  Her fascination with emotional intelligence and commitment to the power of vulnerable authenticity, especially for young people, makes Niki indispensable.


For the last twelve years, RACHEL FISKE has worked as a sex strategist both in private practice and in association with Chicago’s The Berman Center as a consultant for couples in crisis. She has been featured on Oprah, and her personal projects include Moonbeams, a series of mother-daughter workshops and curricula. The expertise and insights that inform Rachel's perspective stem from years of helping couples, and young adults and their parents break through generational sexual stigmas and discover a deep level of self-worth. Rachel has been part of All Manner of Things from its genesis, and we welcome her passion.


JENNIE MORTON is a Registered Osteopath with a Masters in Psychology who specializes in the field of Behavioral Health. Her work explores the physical expressions of emotional responses, and helps individuals to maintain the dynamic balance of their psycho-physiological health. Jennie provides educational events empowering individuals to become their own health advocates, and trains healthcare practitioners in the science of psycho-physiology. She is also a specialist in the field of Performing Arts Medicine and has authored several books and academic articles on the topic. Jennie brings over 30 years of experience to our collaboration.
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BRIAN KUHLMANN is the photographer behind All Manner of Things' stories. He has worked as an award-winning commercial photographer for over 30 years, and his recent personal projects include Song of Absolution, an evocative series of portraits of trees, and Transgender, a weaving together of images and words into stories. Capturing moments in such a way that they invite an experience of connection, Brian brings his unique vision and sensibility to All Manner of Things. We’re excited to continue our collaboration and bring young peoples' stories into the world.
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ANNE WATTS' life philosophies have been strongly shaped by her father, Alan Watts, the well-known pioneer interpreter of Eastern religion and philosophy for the Western world.  She began her formal training in human potential in 1964 when she studied with Virginia Satir, founder of Conjoint Family Therapy, and has worked as an educator, facilitator, and counselor in the areas of human sexuality, sexual abuse, family stress, self-esteem, finances, and aging.  She has been a leader for HAI Global since 1985, and has facilitated hundreds of workshops in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, England and Germany. She has been featured in multiple articles, and as a guest on Television and Radio.  All Manner of Things is honored to have her support.

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