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Polarities are more and more extreme. Fabricated truths and questionable agendas proliferate. Algorithms and corporations tell us who we need to be in order to be liked. Fake news is a household term. The fight for human rights intensifies. And there seems to be no end to abuse and objectification. Oxfam. Brett Kavanaugh. Government and corporate administrations. Schools and colleges. The Catholic Church. #MeToo.

“The largest generation of adolescents and young people in human history (1.8 billion) demands more attention and action. Adolescents and young adults face unprecedented social, economic, and cultural change…There are both current threats, if inaction continues, (and) also tremendous unrealized opportunities not only for the health and wellbeing of young people themselves but also for the future of society and future generations.”

Our Future: a lancet commission on adolescent health and wellbeing

Executive Summary. May 2016

Without a blueprint that connects themselves to themselves,

young people are ushered into a loud and corrosive world without a compass.

With devastating results.

Given all the voices telling us who we are or need to be on the outside,

it has never been more important to know who we are on the in.

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