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Adolescence has never been easy.
These days, youth advocates are identifying a crisis.

If most young people are operating from a foundation that, on some level, is unstable, the first question is why?
The second is how to change that?

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ALL MANNER OF THINGS launches innovative discourses
that explore paths to living a full and conscious life.

What makes us stumble? Specifically, what part does insecurity play?
Where does it come from, how does it impact us, and what can be done?
Unpacking the stories that shape and inform us, we open them for inquiry,
and determine their place in our lives.

•  What are the ideas that are telling us about ourselves and others? What do they say about what makes us valuable and who we should be?

•  Where do the ideas come from? Are they helpful? Are they absolute?

•  What roles do we take on in our lives? With our friends, family, and on social media? Are we aware of them? How do they affect us? 
•  What happens when we stray from our integrity? Are there consequences? Where does it lead?
•  What's the importance of understanding who we really are and what's right for us? For instance, if we say "yes" when we mean "no", how does it impact us in the moment? What about in the future?

•  What's the value of being true to ourselves and knowing our worth? How do we practice that? Does our worth have to be related other people's behavior or what they think?

•  Is it helpful to have an understanding of our physiology? How does our awareness of body inform our experience of self and our interaction with others? What about our diet and sleep?

•  What about the changes happening in our bodies? How are we experiencing them? What's their affect?
•  What part do the Media, the internet, and social media play in our lives?

•  What do we know about sexual energy and sex?
•  What do we think relationships are?
•  What are we told about love?

•  What about our thoughts? Are we aware of them? Is how we feel related to our thoughts and vice versa?

•  How important are aspects like empathy, caring, kindness, presence, purpose, good health, and stillness of mind?

Introducing critical tools & perspectives, ALL MANNER OF THINGS invites young people to understand who they are, how they interact, and the choices they make in life.

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