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EVA . 16

On Social Media we see these like, perfect people who are beautiful and fit or whatever and have a bunch of followers. I mean I don't really value that. I don't really care about that. But I guess if I'm interested in someone, when I see a lot of really pretty people and I'm thinking I'm not as pretty, it makes me feel like, is that what the person I'm interested in thinks too?


I'm not as pretty as those people, so why would they bother talking to me?


HARRY . 17

If I feel like I'm being ignored, or like I'm not being talked to, or listened to really, I feel very lonely. Those little instances when it's like, "oh well, what I said just didn't matter." It's definitely a feeling of loneliness, and I think I get that all the time.

BIBI . 18

I think that Social Media, it's like a wall where you put yourself up and you show all the best things in your life. And once those are up and you've got all your comments and likes, you're not present. You're focusing on kind of a fake life you've made for yourself that you're portraying to people that isn't particularly true.

Like I'll post a photo of me at the beach and I'm super happy but I've had a terrible day and got into a huge fight with my parents, and it sort of makes me feel even lonlier. The fact that I have to pretend like I'm happy when I'm not, for people who don't really care.



It seems like when I'm going through something, I'm the only one going through it. In the moment I feel really alone. I think it kind of makes other situations feel more lonely than they actually are.


EVA G . 15

What I've experienced, people don't really care. With guys, a lot of the time, they'll just be like, "Oh, she's hot," but they're not gonna be like, "Oh, I want to have long conversations with her and get to know her." They're, "I just wanna hook up."


Rumors are the worst. I've been in the situation where there's a huge rumor spread about me. Pretty recently actually. It was interpreted by so many people, and really pissed everyone off. I was kind of just depressed for like three days straight because I was just thinking how, wow, people actually think this happened and I did something but I really didn't, and I would never do what they were talking about, and it kind of just made me --- sad.


LUCY . 19


ZIGGY . 15

I think everyone has a role. Or I feel like other people put that role on the kind of person they think you are. When they get an idea of you in their mind, then it's how you're supposed to act for the rest of the time you know them. It's funny because a lot of the girls I'm friends with don't act like that. But then a lot of the guys I meet are like that. They're like, if I'm being myself they're kind of, 'that's not how I act' and so it's weird for them. They judge. But I think everyone does that to someone.

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