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We're proud to announce our achievements 

To date we've,

. authored a 111,000 word working draft of our book

. brought together a team of talented & esteemed contributors & consultants

. mapped curriculum templates for grades 4 through 12

. drafted an extensive book proposal

. built a library of footage of young people talking about relevant topics

. connected with potential collaborators

. been accepted by Creative Visions under their non-profit, 501c umbrella

. launched our website,, where we offer,

. precise & relevant data & content

. fully realized excerpts from our book

. a photographic language informing our brand

. unique artwork that makes sensitive topics accessible

And we're thrilled about where we're headed

As a 501c, we rely on your support to be able to do what we do 

All donations are 100% tax deductible

Funds help us continue to further edit our book, develop relevant & promotional  material,

& get All Manner of Things into the hands of people eager to usher us into the world.

ALL MANNER OF THINGS is proud to be fiscally sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation (CVF).

CVF is a publicly supported 501c3, which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts

to affect positive change in the world.


Donate online using the button above, or checks can be made out to Creative Visions, attention Grace Breuer, 18820 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 201, Malibu, CA  90265,

With ALL MANNER OF THINGS in the memo line.

For International Wire Transfers, please ask us for details directly.

In times of great challenge we're privileged to have the opportunity to be instigators of great change  John Lewis

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